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December 20, 2021

Many Pakistani males move to different places in search of employment. Some move to different cities within the country, and some may have to leave the country as well. Their nature of work doesn’t allow them to visit home more than a couple of times a year.

That’s a little sad. It becomes sadder when a person is married and has to be away from his missus. The couple can’t always celebrate the best days together. With that said, Sentiments Express now beings the opportunity for the males to rekindle their relationship with their wives.

You can now send gifts from outside of the country and to different cities in Pakistan. This article shall tell you the 4 important days that you can use to show your dear wife how much you love her.

Let’s start with the list right away:

Her Birthday

This is the obvious one. In fact, forgetting your wife’s birthday can even land you in some trouble. After all, it’s her big day, and it deserves to be celebrated right. When husbands are away, it already gets challenging for the wife.

So firstly, never forget your wife’s birthday. Second, use the day to surprise her with a gift so that she knows that she’s dearly loved and missed. A cake, perfume, a bouquet, a handbag- basically, get the things that your wife loves.

Your wife deserves all the happiness in the world on her birthday, right? Make sure she has a great birthday!

Your Wedding Anniversary

Husbands have a bad reputation for forgetting this day. But a wife doesn’t.

If you were with your wife on this day, then it’d be a little acceptable if you forgot the day. You could do something special to make it up. But living abroad means that you can’t really do much to make up for the mistake of forgetting the day.

Make sure that you make the anniversary day special for her. Flowers and cake make up for a great anniversary gift. This is the day that your bond was made eternal. If you are away from the missus, then it’s already sad enough for her to be distant from you.

Make sure that you cash in this day the right way and keep the special bond between you both sparkling.

Valentine’s Day

Okay, this one’s a universal day and hard for you to miss. It’s the day of love, and make sure you make it the same for your wife back home.

At Sentiments Express, you can select the perfect valentine’s day gift for her.We have a great collection of gifts that’ll surely make the missus feel loved and special. Make sure that you don’t forget to tell her how important she is to you.

Remember, gifts can only do the job to a certain point. After that, she needs your time and affection. If you are away from the wife, then make sure you make special time for her this day. Share a video call with her and let her know what she’s worth.

Eid Day

This one’s a little unconventional one but very significant nonetheless. Eid days are for celebrations and gatherings. Couples go to family gatherings and have a great time together.

When you are away from home, your wife definitely misses you on Eid days. She might not show it, but she feels your absence when everyone else is present at the gathering.

Make sure you compensate her adequately. One great gift for Eid is a studio gift card. It shall allow your wife to shop in several famous clothing stores. She’ll surely love the gift. Plus, be there to talk to her when she calls you to flaunt the dress that she got using your gifted studio card.

Final Words

Couples that live apart often need to make extra efforts to keep the relationship from going stale. Distances are hard to bear. So if you are away from your home and the wife, then try and compensate for it at every opportunity that you get.

Above mentioned events are some best options to avail. If you are looking for the perfect surprise for the wife back home, then head over to Sentiments Express. We have a great collection of gifts ready to be shipped right when you place the order.

As mentioned, distances mean that couples often don’t share special moments together. But it also means that you have better opportunities to show each other how much love and sweetness you both