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Q. Who are we?

A. A gifting service based in Pakistan, Sentiments Express is a division of TCS (Pvt.) Limited, providing people a selection of gifts for every celebratory moment, cultural occasions and any other event. TCS Sentiments Express enables people to convey their care, love and gratitude to your beloved family, friends, significant others, colleagues, business partners, employees, customers.
Q. Where can we contact you?

A. For queries you can contact us on either of the following;
• Message us on our WhatsApp on +92 3028614034 or inbox us at
• Call us at +92-21-111-123-456 or send us an inbox on our Facebook page (
Q. What products do we offer?

A. We offer a selection of products such as;
• Fresh flower bouquets and unique designer arrangements
• Delectable cakes
• Mouth-watering sweets (mithai)
• Chocolates
• Dry Fruits
• Fruit baskets
• Fragrances
• Leather products
• Cushions
• Stuffed toys
• Semi-Precious jewelry
• Others
Q. Is this website secure/is my information safe?

A. Yes our website is secure. Your privacy is one of our main concerns. Any data you provide on this website including your address, passwords, email etc. remains strictly confidential and is only used for processing your order details.
Q. Where do we deliver?

A. Sentiments Express delivers in more than 125 cities across Pakistan.
Q. How do we deliver?

A. We deliver our products through TCS’s own courier service. Perishable items like cakes, sweets, chocolates and flowers are delivered in refrigerated vans to maintain their freshness.
Q. What are your service charges?

A. Sentiments Express does not charge separate delivery charges. The price you’ll pay includes the product, its packaging and any standard delivery charges.
However additional costs will be added if you utilize our special delivery services such as;
• Same day delivery,
• Time specified delivery
• Midnight delivery
Q. How can I place an order?

A. Placing an order on Sentiments Express website is easy. Follow these easy steps;
1. Select city to deliver to;
2. Click the “Add to cart” option on your desired product;
3. Enter your own and your recipients’ address and contact details;
4. Add a personalized message for your recipient if you’d like;
5. Proceed to select the payment option and finalize the order.
For further queries you can contact us on our live chat option on the website, email us at, call us at +92-21-111-123-456 or send us an inbox on our Facebook page (
Q. Do I have to register in order to place an order?

A. You do not have to register as a user to place an order. But we do require your email in order to confirm your order.
Q. Why should I register to your website?

A. Registering yourself as a user saves your personal data and your recipients’ data in our address book. You can add your family and friends’ addresses in the address book; this saves your time the next time you place an order.
Q. Does Sentiments Express take bulk orders? What is the procedure for it?

A. You cannot buy products in bulk directly from the website. Sentiments Express does have a corporate sales team which caters to large gift orders. Kindly contact us at or call us at +92-21-111-123-456 to discuss corporate orders.
Q. Will the delivered gift look exactly like the one seen on the website?

A. We put our utmost efforts to ensure that your recipient gets the exact gifts that you ordered for them and that the products match the description and appearance with the ones on our website/catalogue.
However, the flowers, fruits and mithai might vary in either colour or appearance due to regional and seasonal availability.
Q. How are the gifts packed?

A. We at Sentiments Express create exclusive packaging for each product available. Cakes and sweets (mithai & chocolate) come in customized SE boxes. Flowers are decorated with elegant and delicate trimmings, lace and ribbons etc. Baskets are also used for heavier orders of fruits and mithai to ensure secure transit. Other gift items i.e. leather goods; fragrances; stuffed toys etc. are delivered in Sentiments Express’s gift bags.
Q. Does the gift come with a greeting card and can I put my own message on it?

A. Yes, Sentiments Express does provide a greeting card with each gift. You can also give a personalized message to be put on the card. Sentiments Express provides greeting cards in lieu to the occasion, event and moment (i.e. on Eid a Eid greetings card will be sent along with the gift)
Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. We accept payments via multiple modes. We accept payments via domestic and international credit and debit cards (including VISA and Master Card).
Q. Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD) as option of payment?

A. No we do not offer the COD option. Since you’ll be sending the gift to someone so you will be paying for it and not the recipient of the gift.
Q. At what times and days do you deliver?

A. We deliver the gifts as per the following; 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Monday-Saturday)
Q. How do I know you received my order?

A. After you confirm your order a system generated email is sent on the email address you provide to inform you of your order number and order confirmation.
Q. Can I track my order?

A. Yes you can track your order through our website on the following link by entering the order number provided in your order confirmation email.
Q. What happens if the recipient doesn’t receive the package?

A. If the recipient is not available to receive the package then it will be delivered to the person available at the residence at that moment taking note of their relation to the recipient and their signature. If no one is available to receive the order we first contact the sender and then the recipient of the gift as it may be a surprise.
Q. Will you resend the gifts to the recipient?

A. Perishables will not be redelivered to the recipient but will be available for pickup from the nearest TCS Express Center. TCS Sentiments is not responsible for the freshness of the product on late pickup. If the order is still not picked up by 7 p.m. that day then the order will be considered a closed case.
Q. What happens if the payment is deducted but the order is not placed?

A. If such a thing happens then immediately report the complaint to our live chat or email at Our team will then manually confirm the order and see through the error. If the problem persists contact us at +92-21-111-123-456 or send us an inbox on our Facebook page (
Q. Can I return a purchase?

A. You cannot return the purchase once it is delivered. But if the product received is genuinely faulty our team will replace the item or you will be refunded a certain amount of the purchase. The product refund takes approximately 5-6 working days.
Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. Yes you can cancel an order before it has been processed for dispatch. We do process the order soon after the placement. So if you do want to cancel an order get in touch with us as at least within 24 hours after order placement at We will process your refund soon after the cancellation.
Q. What happens if the product is unsatisfactory?

A. If you are not satisfied with our product then you can contact us through any one of the following ways;
• Either on our live chat option on the website
• Email us at
• Call us at +92-21-111-123-456
• Send us an inbox on our Facebook page (