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December 15, 2021

A husband’s birthday is truly an event of celebration for a wife. It doesn’t really matter if they are an old couple or a new one. A wife is always excited. In certain circumstances, the couple can’t be together on the husband’s special day.

For instance, there are cases where the husband has to be in another city for work. This doesn’t mean that you don’t get to share the love and affection that you have. As a wife, you always know that distances don’t mean much when the bond is strong.

Sentiments Express lets you celebrate your man’s birthday by planning a surprise for him. We deliver gifts to different cities in Pakistan. If you are looking to surprise your husband on his upcoming birthday, then here are a few gift ideas for you to consider:

A Perfume

This one’s a classic gift. Perfume may be a cliché, but it is always appreciated. Men usually have an excellent taste for fragrances, and you can please your husband by gifting him a perfume that you think he’d like.

Also, perfume is a safe gift. There’s a rare chance that the receiver won’t like to have perfume. When couples are together, they can easily go and shop for a gift together. However, when it comes to a surprise, and you are clueless about what to buy, perfume is usually a safe choice.

Top it up with a few of his favourite chocolates, and you’ll surely make him miss you miles away.

A Hoodie

The winter season is shyly making an entry into the country. If your husband is located anywhere outside of the coastal area, then the chances are that he’s already battling with chilly nights. A hoodie can be a perfect surprise for him.

Surely, when you send up a hoodie to him, he’ll remember your warmth and shall definitely be more affectionate towards you. Don’t be surprised if he tells you that he wore the hoodie to the office and boasted about how awesome a wife he has.


If you surprise him with a wallet, he’ll surprise you by putting your photo inside it right away. Men aren’t really great at expressing love with words, but they surely know the cute gestures that’ll make the missus all giddied up.

If you are looking to surprise your husband whose away from home, then consider getting him a custom wallet with his name on it. You may even get a sweet caption printed on it; for instance, ‘with love… your wife’ or have your name there.

A wallet goes well with a bouquet. Send him a package, and you’ll leave him surprised with a big urge to hug you right away.


The safest and the sweetest of the gift options, a cake can be the perfect surprise for your husband. You can have it delivered to most major cities in Pakistan, and we promise to deliver it in the same condition as it leaves the store.

Cakes have always been the best symbol of love and celebration. So much so that it has significantly replaced the traditional mithai. You must know the man’s favourite flavour. Just place your order and have it delivered to your husband at a time of your choice.

You surely fill his day with sweetness, and he’ll brim with love towards you.

Tie case

This is for females whose husband is corporate man. People in the corporate world are particular about their ties. Help your husband get sorted with their ties and watch him cry a happy tear. After all, how can he not be affectionate towards you when you are helping him perform better at his job.

If you think that just a simple tie case isn’t enough, you may add a cake and a bouquet to the basket as well. That way, you are literally choosing the perfect gift for him.

Then, it won’t really matter how far your husband is. Because with such amazing surprise, you’ll only get close to his heart.

Final Words

If you are wondering how to surprise your husband on his birthday,then surely this blog will help. At Sentiments Express, we help people celebrate important events with their loved ones. Our service delivers gifts across Pakistan.

So if you are in Islamabad and want to surprise your man in Karachi, Lahore or any other city for that matter, choose our service. We’d love to be of assistance for you to express your feelings to your husband.