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December 26, 2021

Gifts have been given for centuries in various conditions and contexts, and they continue to be given. Because gifts hold a certain value to them that just shows how or why you appreciate the person that you are giving a gift to. To see them smile and to see them open that gift and then love it and use it. It’s something that warms the heart. Whether you are giving a gift to a friend or giving it to your parents or siblings, it is something that can transform their day and make them truly happy.

Gift-giving is just as meaningful today as it always has been, but the way gifts are given changed quite a bit with the times. The world has gotten quite bigger, and people aren’t as close as they used to be. Work and people’s lives have gotten complicated; people have also literally gotten far apart due to living in different countries. This can make giving gifts even more significant.

But the advantage in this situation is that in today’s internet and social media age, it has gotten much more convenient to do stuff online, which includes ordering gifts. So, even if you are thousands of miles away, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on important days and occasions. And Sentiments Express will help you make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Whether it’s buying father’s day or mother’s day gifts or whether it’s buying gifts for an anniversary or a birthday, Sentiments Express is there for you. Sentiments Express has a vast collection of gifts available that you can order immediately.

So, let’s take a look at the kinds of occasions that we have gifts for and why you should be ordering from us:


Birthdays are important. It doesn’t matter if the person, whose birthday it is, likes to celebrate them or not, they have to love gifts. And Sentiments Express has many amazing gifts that you can buy that will make an amazing birthday gift.

Cakes are soft, squishy & tasty. And cakes are always an essential part of every birthday. So, why not buy a delicious cake that will arrive at the doorstep you desire on time. We have a range of flavours to choose from. So, either you can surprise them with a flavour that you think they might like or order their favourite flavour that they can enjoy on their birthday.

Bouquets are a great way to show your appreciation too. Various arrangements of flowers are available at Sentiments Express that you can order. Whether they like red roses or flowers of a more pastel colour palette, you can choose whatever you want. Flowers are always considered a thoughtful gift that, whenever the person looks at, they can remember you and your thoughtful gifts.

You can also choose from a various assortment of gifts such as backpacks or shoulder bags that will be gifts of great convenience. Many different brands of perfumes are also available in our collection. And if you aren’t sure about what to choose, we also offer gift boxes that contain various little gifts that will be a perfect choice.


Anniversaries are always important, and if you miss them, it can be bad. Anniversaries are also something that Sentiments express are prepared for. People can overthink anniversary gifts, but they can also underestimate them. But from us, you will get the perfect gift that your partner will appreciate and consider romantic.

Romance is shown through flowers. It has been shown this way for a long time. So, why not take a look at our beautiful collection of flowers that you can gift to your partner?

Every man carries a wallet, and many carry wallets that are old and ragged. So, this is the perfect time to give them a gift that will also be quite practical for them. A wallet might seem understated, but any man will appreciate it especially when it’s something that they don’t but themselves much.

Other gifts include jewellery that you can wear and, mugs that can be handy and even electronic gifts such as earphones and speakers that you can gift that will make your partner happy.

We also have gifts for many other occasions. Do you want to say thank you for something? Or maybe you want to say congratulations or thank you? Sentiments Express is ready for any occasion.


So, why wait? From mother’s day in Pakistan to anniversaries, birthdays and even condolences. We have it all. And, it does not matter if you are in Pakistan or out of the country; you can give a gift to someone in Pakistan from wherever you are.