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December 22, 2021

Weddings are special occasions that happen only once in a person’s life. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to get the best present for the wedding occasion of your loved ones. Wedding leads to a time in a person’s life when they are heading into a new phase of life. During this phase, a person needs all the support from family and friends, and you can show your support in the form of a meaningful present.

As the wedding season hits, you have probably received multiple invitations to weddings. With that comes the responsibility of purchasing a wedding gift for each. Deliver flowers in Karachi for friends who have recently been engaged and are planning to have a wedding ceremony soon. Let them know that you are there for them through gestures more than words.

Some of the most meaningful wedding gifts are mentioned below. Aim to deliver the message of love, support, and happiness through your present. Scan through the list below to get an idea about the best wedding gifts you can get for friends and family.

Perfumes And Scented Candles:

We know perfumes are the mainstream presents, but it’s because they are perfect for all occasions. However, for this gift to be successful, you must understand the taste of the person in question. Which notes in scents do they prefer? Sweet, spicy, or refreshing? Notice what they smell like, or casually ask them what kind of perfumes they prefer so you can make the right decision.

A great alternative to perfumes is scented candles. They smell great and provide visual aesthetics as well. New couples can set them up in their room to spread a nice scent across their living space. It will also generate a positive vibe in their room.

In short, anything scented is a great option and serves as a vehicle to send good wishes to the wedded couple. With such presents, you are filling up the life of the two partners with the fragrance of love.

Chocolate Box:

What could be better than a sweet start to a beautiful journey? Hand over a box of beautifully crafted and mouth-watering chocolates on the wedding occasion of your friend or family member. The couple will definitely love sharing this sweet treat with each other. If you are buying one for a friend’s wedding, it will be easy as you are probably aware of their chocolate preferences. Whether they like chocolate bars infused with nuts and fruits or plain chocolates, get a box filled with their favorites to ensure that they like your gift.


Buy flowers online or visit a florist to get fresh flowers. Send the message of affection, joy, and festivity with a nicely organized bouquet of flowers. The first choice of wedding flowers is, of course, red roses as they spread the word of love, but roses in other colors can also be picked out.

For example, if it’s a close friend’s wedding, get them yellow or white roses to show them that you care for them and are always there for them. Give them lilies if that is what they dig the most. Visit a florist and ask their advice on what kind of flowers would be best for a wedding occasion.


A quality leather wallet makes a great wedding present. Wallet is something everyone owns, and hence, needs. Maybe your friend has done all the shopping but neglected to buy a new wallet. In that case, they would love to find a wallet inside one of their wedding presents.

Find a wallet with multiple spaces and holders. A section of cardholder next to cash compartments is something every wallet should have. A separate space to hold an identity card can greatly add to the utility of the wallet.

Wall Frames And Trinkets:

A lot of couples plan on moving into a new house after their wedding. A present containing a small showpiece can serve as a decoration piece in their new home. Additionally, it will remind them of you whenever their gaze falls on the piece.

Similarly, a wall hanging is a great wedding gift. Make a frame of the best memories you had with the couple, or buy a framed painting or sketch for them. These small presents will be appreciated by the newly wedded couple, as these are the kind of things people can miss out on when shopping for weddings.

Carry one of these gifts to your friends or close family member’s wedding. You can opt for pre-wedding online flower delivery or purchase one of the above-mentioned gifts from TCS Sentiments Express and hand it over yourself. Surprise the couple with your thoughtful and sincere gift on their big day.