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December 22, 2021

Eid days are great. They offer an opportunity to meet relatives, share love with them, be happy, and have a good time. Unfortunately, some people have to be away from the country and can’t celebrate it with their family.

Sure, the Muslim community is widespread across the globe, and you can celebrate it at most places in the world. Australia, America, UK, Saudia, Germany; you name it, and there’s a Muslim community ready to celebrate Eid with you.

However, celebrating it with family is a completely different vibe. But unfortunately, sometimes the situation just doesn’t allow people to reunite with their families. That doesn’t mean that you get to be completely absent from the event, right?

With Sentiments Express, you can send gifts back home and show your loved ones that you are always present with them. Physical distances are rarely a cause of distress when the bonds of the heart are strong. Here we shall give you several gift ideas that you can consider sending to your family members back home:

Cake and Mithai Box

This is one surprise that’ll be loved by everyone. Eid days are incomplete without sweets. Your family will be all in tears of joy if the sweet comes from your side. Get a cake and mithai box ordered and delivered to your home.

You can keep it a complete surprise and your family members will be amazed when they receive a parcel under your name. As our name suggests, Sentiments Express is there to help people express their emotions without worrying much about the distance.

You can look at the collection of sweets on our website and add the best ones to the cart. All that’s left is for you to make the payment, and our riders will be on their way to deliver happiness to your family.

Jai Namaz and Tasbeeh

Eid is a religious event, and what better gift can there be other than Jai Namaz and Tasbeeh. You can order this for the elderly in your family, or you can get these for the ones who you think will like the gift.

This way, you help your family members perform their rituals. Jai Namaz and Tasbeeh are the perfect combinations to gift on Eid. You can complete the package by ordering attar perfumes and prayer as well.

Studio Gift Card

This one is for the females of the family. You can gift them the studio gift card which shall allow them to purchase clothes from more than 50 famous clothing stores across the nation. You can gift this to any female member of the family.

However, this gift is best received by sisters and wives who are ready to dress up for the Eid days. The card is acceptable in famous stores such as Alkaram, Ego, etc. With this gift, you take off the burden of choosing something that the members may not like.

By this card, you allow the females to choose the dress of their choice.


This is a premium gift option for Eid. Head over to our website to see the collection of perfumes that we offer. This gift option is valid for the males and females of your family. You can combine this gift with other complements as well, depending upon who you choose to gift the perfume.

For instance, a Tasbeeh will go great with a perfume bottle for your father, mother, or grandparents. A gift card and a bouquet would be great for your wife. So it’s basically an opportunity for you to be creative with the choices you have.

After all, the end goal is to make the family members know that you remember them.

Stuffed toys

This is for the kiddos in the house. Eid days aren’t just for adults. Kids have a party of their own. You can make their day special by gifting them stuffed toys available in our collection. You can also get them a basket of chocolates and watch them call you their favorite relative who resides abroad.

Final Words

If you are looking for perfect Gifts for Eid in Pakistan,thenwe’ve got you covered. We offer you the perfect chance to surprise your loved ones back home and let them know that they are always present in your thoughts.

Honestly, a visit to Pakistan would be the best gift you can give to the family. But if that’s not possible, then allow Sentiments Express to deliver the second-best gift options to your family members!