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December 16, 2021

Babies are a true gift of God, and not being there to witness this gift can be extremely disappointing for a person. Similarly, if you are not in the city or even the country while your loved one, be it a friend or a family member, brought new life into the world, there are multiple ways you can make up for that.

Sentiments Express is offering you a service where you can easily send gifts to your loved ones in Pakistan from anywhere you are situated. With this service, you can show your support to a mommy who just gave birth and show your love towards a newborn baby. You can buy a flower bouquet or something even more special to send to your loved one. This way, even though you are not physically there, you can be a part of all the excitement.

So here are some gifts available on Sentiments Express that you can send to a Mommy and her Newborn Baby.

Mommy Gifts

We all know the immense strength of mothers, who not only give birth but also go day-to-day to nurture their new baby. It can get overwhelming very fast, so knowing that her family and friends are there for her to offer support is extremely important. So, here are some gifts you can send a new mommy that will show that you have her back, even when you are miles apart. 

 Scented Candles

Nothing says relaxing more than a divine-smelling candle. Between the constant diaper changes and spit-ups, mothers also need a chance to relax and calm down. And what better way to do that than with a soothing bath with a scented candle lighted up. Luckily, Sentiments Express has a box of two scented candles by Candle Works, who always makes the best smelling candles. One box contains a rose-scented candle and a honeysuckle scented candle. Each one of the candles is made out of the highest quality wax and is individually hand-poured and crafted, making them all the more special and unique. So send it to your friend or a family member. A new mother is guaranteed to love this gift.


After a long and hard day with the baby, a mother wants nothing more than to relax in front of her television and catch up on her favorite show with a big box of her comfort food. Luckily, we have an amazing box of Aztec chocolates that you can send to her. These are truly premium chocolates that are completely hand-made and can help her relax after a long day. Aztec chocolates are also melt-in-your-mouth delicious and can be seen as a source of joy. So get them delivered to your friend or a family member with a cute note, and they will surely appreciate your gesture.

Newborn Baby Gifts

Sending some cute gifts to the newborn baby is equally important. It develops your presence in the baby’s life from the start and helps you develop a cute bond with them. Plus, it also shows the mom that you care about her and the baby, which will ultimately make her appreciate you in her life. So here are some cute gifts you can send to the mommy for her newborn.

 Baby Carrier and Bather

Babies don’t need much during the start apart from tons of onesies and diapers, but there are still some things you can find for the baby that can be useful and helpful. Every parent loves a functional gift for the baby that will bring ease into their life. Baby carriers and bather do that very well. With the baby bather, the baby’s mother can easily wash her child without much hassle. Plus, the baby carrier allows the parents to carry their child in public places without actually holding them. Both of these things will bring relief to a parent’s life, and they will genuinely appreciate receiving these gifts.

Johnson & Johnson Gift Set

This gift set contains four baby care items, including shampoo, soap, powder, and lotion. These are some of the essential items needed by the parents of every newborn and can make an amazing gift, mainly because of the cute little basket. These Johnson & Johnson items are extremely baby-friendly and will help a parent shower their baby with care. In the end, the newborn will smell heavenly and look as fresh as ever. So gift it to a friend or a family member who just had a baby, and we are sure they will love it.

If you are looking for gifts similar to these, you can check out our collection at Sentiments Express. Other than this, you can also find out flower bouquet prices in Pakistanalong with the price of other gifts. You will find tons of items that will not only make a perfect gift but will also fit your budget.