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December 29, 2021

Friendship is one of the most precious relationships a person can have. There are only a few things that are sweeter than a best friend who has your back through and through. Nothing can erase the special and challenging moments you have faced together, especially when you both have been together for years.

Your friendship could be based on how far you’ve come, the silly thing you have done together, the challenges you have faced together, and about a hundred other things, but the memories you make together are worth gold.

So, it is important that you make your friend feel special in any way you can, especially when it comes to birthdays. Unexpected birthday surpriseis the best way to go about it, as they are appreciated by everyone and make one feel extremely special.

Here are ideas for you to make your best friend feel the best on their birthday.

Balloon Bouquet Of Memories

If you have been friends with your best friend for many years, you must have accumulated a pool full of memories. Those memories can be truly special and can be cherished for years to come, but if you are looking for a way to utilize them, your friend’s birthday is the best occasion.

You can get a few dozen helium balloons with ribbons and stick a memorable polaroid photo at the end of each ribbon. Later you can directly give this absolutely cute gift to your friend or spread it in their room before they wake up. This way, your friend is guaranteed to wake up to a totally unexpected yet pleasant surprise and will appreciate all your effort.

Plan A Surprise Party With Their Favorite Theme

A surprise birthday party is still greatly appreciated by everyone. So, planning a party can be a fun way to go about your best friend’s birthday. However, something that will take the party over the top is if it was themed according to your best friend’s preferences. So even if your friend was expecting a surprise party, the theme would come in handy as an unexpected element.

The theme you choose should be based on something your best friend absolutely loves. If they are a marvel fan, throw an Avengers-themed party, and if they are a fan of rom-com movies, everyone at the party can dress as their favorite rom-com character. The party will not only be a surprise but also extremely fun.

Make a Memories Documentary

If you are away and can’t make it to your best friend’s birthday, we have a brilliant idea that will bring tears to your friend’s eyes. Every friendship, nowadays, has a gallery full of memorable videos and pictures together. You can make great use of those pictures and videos in the cutest way possible that will celebrate all the time you both have spent together. Plus, you will shed a few tears yourself while making it.

The video can start with a short message from you and can then turn into a documentary of all your memories together. From the fun, adventure-filled days to emotional days, you can include pretty much everything and mark it as a tribute to your friendship. Your friend will truly enjoy watching it and will cherish it forever.

Send Gifts Their Way

Imagine you are not in the city for your best friend’s birthday, and they’ll be expecting nothing more than a phone call from you. What if you could rectify that? It will surely come as an unexpected surprise.

We are offering you our gift delivery service through which you can get multiple gifts delivered to your friend’s doorstep. They will truly be unexpected birthday surprise giftsfor your friend, as they would not be expecting you to do anything. This way, you can avoid missing out on their birthday celebration and have a part in making your friend feel special in your own way.

At Sentiments Express, you will find a variety of gifts suitable for your best friend, from flowers to different gift sets. So pick and send one at their birthday and make them feel extremely special. Other than that, you can find a variety of other gifts as well, including valentine’s day gifts, father’s day gifts, and for a bunch of other occasions. So check out our collection and make your loved ones feel special.