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January 21, 2022

Graduation is a joyous occasion for the person and for the whole family. Years of effort and studying paying off into getting their degree. And deservedly so. As such, this occasion requires the appropriate celebration. Such as a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant.

It also requires one more important thing: a graduation gift. Gifts are important, they show someone how much you appreciate them. In the context of graduation, they also show how much you appreciate their efforts. And they also highlight one more important thing. The coming of age of the person who is graduating. After all, they will be experiencing the real world from then on and they will need to be prepared and have the right mind-set to succeed. They will also need support. You can show that support by making sure that you give them the right gift that can come in handy.

We know that sometimes people can have a bit of trouble selecting the right gift. So, we’ve made a selection for you. Here are 6 of them that you can give to the graduate:

­­M Jafferjees – Wallet (Him)

This is a mature gift that is best given from a father to a son. A good and sturdy wallet is something every man should have. There are a few things that truly belong to a person and one of them is a wallet. They will, therefore, carry this wallet through everything. Their money, their credit card, their licenses, all of that will be in that wallet. As such, it will be a huge part of their identity. This M Jafferjees wallet is a great choice in that case. It is high-quality and looks beautiful. It also comes in three different colors. So, you can customize it according to the preference of the person you are giving it to.

M Jafferjees – Crossbody Bag (Her)

Like a wallet, one thing important to every woman, their bag. They carry their respective belongings like cards, money, and more with them in that bag. They also carry various other important items. And therefore, you need to give a gift that will be practical but also look good. This cross-body bag, with its sleek design is brilliant to carry around all day without much hassle. So, wherever she goes, she will always have her bag with her, and therefore have access to all her stuff.

WASIM AKRAM 502 by J. – Cologne (Him)

Moving into the professional world is not easy. You need to make a strong impression on everyone and appear fully professional. Therefore, a cologne is an essential part of every man’s care routine. The right cologne will attract people to him. They will like him, and in turn he will have an improved perception of himself. So, make that impression with this Wasim Akram 502 by J.

Pink Dream Bouquet (Her)

Flowers are timeless, you can never go wrong with them. Everyone loves receiving flowers and it makes them feel appreciated. They can also be a huge source of support. So, when you give this to her, she will see the vibrant pink petals and her heart will melt.

M Jafferjees – Document Case (Unisex)

A documents case is something everyone needs. Important documents for work or otherwise can be put into it and carried everywhere safely and without worry. This gift is for both genders and will be appreciated like it should.


You cannot go wrong with these graduation gifts. And if you live abroad and want to send graduation gifts to Pakistan as a proud friend or relative, then you can do that with us. Sentiments Express will ensure your order is delivered to the right person as soon as possible, without any hassle.