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Silver Dry Fruit Tray

What could be better in winter than receiving an assortment of flavourful dry fruits? Gift it to your loved ones to say congratulations or send seasonal wishes. The dry fruits come in a silver tray which you keep. Product may vary slightly due to regional and seasonal availability.

You should buy this item because:

  • It would be carefully handled by specilized TCS delivery servies.
  • We offer "Free Delivery" services for standard timings.
  • The product would be delivered in a "Special Standardized Packing".
  • The product would be wrapped up in a clean standard "Gifting Sheet".
  • There would be "Free Greeting Card" along with the product.
  • We provide Free Greeting Card based on different themese of provided "Occasions".
  • You can write "Personalized Message" as well on Greeting Card.
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