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Oud Pampering Bundle


This bundle contains a pack of best Oud Range products! 1)Oud Az Zahra Perfume 2)Oud Face Cream 3)Oud Face Wash 4)Oud Shampoo Oud Az Zahra Perfume: Oud Az Zahra is a modern Oriental perfume scent, a top-seller from the WB by Hemani Fragrances is sure to catch everyone's attention. Oud Face Cream :Luxury face cream with Marula & Baobab oils makes your complexion velvety to the touch without feeling heavy and greasy. Enriched with natural herbal extracts that help to even skin tone, refresh and prevent puffiness on the face. Exclusive Jojoba esters increase hydration of skin, its elasticity and firmness. Over time, it helps to decrease pore size, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and brightens complexion. Oud Face Wash: Intensive cleansing of all impurities from face combined with the power of herbal extracts which will provide your face with freshness and the rejuvenating power of extracts naturally rich in nutrients. Specially selected ingredients deeply cleanse skin allowing vitamins and essentials to deeply penetrate your skin giving you a healthy glow and intensive regeneration. Oud Shampoo: Hair damage is part of life which can get worse if not addressed on time. Our brand is known for quick repairing and to provide long term protection to hair. Healthy hair start from within and our products works to improve the capacity to combat the harsh external factors affecting your hair.


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